Welcome to this site on Histories of the Militant Woman by an historian of gender, militancy/violence and citizenship.

Women have a long history of engaging in acts of political aggression. Think, for example, of the hatchet-throwing and jiu jitsu-practicing British suffragettes, the women soldiers of the socialist Irish Citizen Army or the Irish nationalist Cumann na mBan, or the women of the German Red Army Faction who bombed, kidnapped, robbed. Women have been militant for a range of causes, nationalist, socialist, imperialist, feminist. Yet feminists remain divided on the issue of the legitimacy of the militant and the violent woman. The violent woman disrupts traditional belief in the female sex as the pacifist sex.

This site will explore how we have historically approached the contentious subject of the militant woman. You will also find links to my writing on this – and a few other issues!